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What You’ll Find in our ‘Box’

A CrossFit Gym, or ‘box’, is not your average gym. Community is the most important aspect of CrossFit, and at CrossFit Fort Lauderdale we make sure that old and new members are embraced into our fitness family. Our coaches are certified, friendly, driven and always excited to work with new athletes. More importantly, our sense of community trickles down to our members: at our boxes, you’ll soon realize that our more experienced athletes constantly engage newer ones to motivate and encourage them to constantly improve on their performance.

Meet Our Coaches

A gym is only as good as its coaches. We’re lucky to have some of Florida’s best fitness coaches call CrossFit Downtown Miami home. Join us for a workout with a coach who cares about your goals and success.

Our Fort Lauderdale and Miami coaches are highly educated specialists in weight loss, nutrition, CrossFit, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, running, yoga, rowing, boot camp, cycling and many other disciplines. You’ll soon notice our level of dedication to your excellence. We provide the right amount of motivation and experience, without being too pushy or leaving you too close to comfort to be truly effective and outdo your own fitness goals.

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You can get started for with a FREE one-week pass and we welcome you, no matter your fitness level. Contact Us at either of our locations in Downtown Miami or Fort Lauderdale, and we’ll get you started. Our expert coaches will explain how CrossFit can affect and improve your mobility, health and life in general, as it did to all of us. See our Schedule and set up an appointment so we can get you started.

As an added bonus, you’ll also get a 10% discount on our Membership if you register online. If this is your first time as a CrossFitter, you’ll have to enroll in our 2-week Fundamentals program, which will give you a working knowledge of the basic CrossFit movements you’ll be employing.

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